1928 foundation. The classic space reminds you sense of nostalgia in those days deeply.
It’s very quiet even though it is located in the center of a city.
Guest rooms are total 24 that are 18 singles, 5 twins and 1 suite.
You can choose Japanese style or continental one as a breakfast.

Single Room

Single room
Comfort Single room
Room size 16㎡
Room rate
Single room ¥11,000
Comfort Single room ¥13,860

Twin Room

Room 406/408
Room 429
Room 401
Room size 21㎡
Room rate ¥16,500-

Triple Room

Room 430
Room size 41㎡
Room rate ¥22,000

Suite Room

Room 412
Room size 45㎡
Room rate ¥44,000

Check in / Check out

Check in 14:00-
Check out -11:00
Closing time 24:00

Price List

Price List